Hi, I'm Patrick.

FSDronz is a brand of Dunn NC based Riley Ventures. The brand started when my brother-in-law and I started talking about getting "drones" in 2016. From our Part 107 in 2017 to the same time 12 months later, things quickly took off! (see what I did there) 


What originated as an airspace venture quickly morphed into a hybrid photography business whereby most of our Real-Estate clients leveraged our unique ability to shoot quality images from the ground and the air all from one company.

I'll be the first to still admit that I am not a professional photographer and if you need portraits, I'm probably not your guy. However our work started speaking for itself, our editing team grew and I'm happy to say all of our clients consider us their go to photographers. So give us a try and see for yourself! Although my northern roots still guide me, my southern charm and business etiquette will surely win you over! -Patrick

Photo (August 2018)